In 2016 our story begins… Two girls, many dreams and the idea of ​​creating an underwear brand that celebrates individuality and feminine strength, through ultra-comfortable garments with basic lines. This is how Roomservice was born…

We are inspired by real, confident women; those who feel comfortable in their skin because they have understood that beauty, when it is authentic, does not need artifice.

That’s why we design garments that adapt to the body, that love and enhance each silhouette instead of trying to modify it.

Each of our garments is designed with total attention and love for details. Behind each of them, there is a meticulous process that begins with the conception of the piece and the choice of materials, continues with dyeing and manufacturing until reaching the finishing details.

We adore simple, comfortable silhouettes… We love sensuality, spontaneity… We choose soft and comfortable materials, and we create with dedication because we want to accompany women at all times, to take Roomservice to many, many places.

Our home is located in Medellín, Colombia; from here we want to go as far as our dreams take us.